Hazardous Waste

The purpose of the Hazardous Waste Program is to ensure that all hazardous wastes are properly handled, recycled, treated, stored, and disposed to prevent potential harm to human health and the environment.

Hazardous wastes are any used or discarded materials or manufacturing by-products in any form (liquid, solid, sludge, gaseous) that exhibit the characteristics of hazardous wastes. The four characteristics of hazardous waste are Ignitability, Reactivity, Corrosivity, and Toxicity. Additionally, if a waste is listed under State or Federal regulations, then it is considered a hazardous waste.


California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 4.5
California Health and Safety Code (HSC), Division 20, Chapter 6.5 and Chapter 6.11


This program applies to businesses and facilities that generate hazardous waste in any quantity, consolidates hazardous waste generated at a remote site, or recycles more than 100kg/month of excluded or exempted recyclable materials (per HSC §25143.2) and are located anywhere in Santa Clara County, other than the cities of Gilroy, Santa Clara, or Sunnyvale.

General Requirements

  • You must obtain, and keep active, a Hazardous Waste ID Number.
  • Adhere to the hazardous waste requirements applicable to your facility based on the type of waste you generate.
  • Pay an annual invoice to keep your permit active.​

Forms and Documents


Permit fees are based on the quantity and type of hazardous waste generated at your facility. For information on Hazardous Waste Management Program fees, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like answers to frequently asked questions about hazardous waste, click here.​​

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