Lead Safe Homes Program

The County of Santa Clara Lead Safe Homes Program will help identify and eliminate hazards posed by lead-based paint in Santa Clara County by providing residents with no-cost lead-based paint inspections and abatement services. The Program is a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Health, the Public Health Department, the Office of the County Counsel, and other County departments, working together with other public agencies and community partners.   

The principal goals of the Lead Safe Homes Program are to identify and eliminate (or “abate”) lead-based paint hazards in high priority housing units across Santa Clara County, including, in particular: 

  • Housing units occupied by lower-income children or pregnant women, as well as home-based daycares. 
  • Housing units in areas of the County with a higher concentration of lead hazards.  

The Program will be operated with a focus on health equity and will prioritize the enrollment of units in communities that have been most heavily impacted by lead-based paint hazards and other environmental and public health burdens. The Program will work closely with community partners to ensure equitable, effective, and efficient delivery of these critical services.

The County is currently developing the Program and anticipates beginning to enroll homes for inspections and abatements in 2022. 

Once launched, the Lead Safe Homes Program will provide free inspections, based on qualification criteria, of homes and home-based daycares to identify lead-based paint hazards. Homes with identified lead hazards may be eligible for free abatement services. More details on the Lead Safe Homes Program and how to request a free inspection will be coming soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    Most homes built before 1978—when lead-based paint was banned in the United States—are assumed to have lead-based paint. Lead-based paint can create a lead hazard when the paint deteriorates, such as by chipping, peeling, chalking, cracking, or flaking. In addition, lead-based paint on doors and windows can create lead dust through friction when the surfaces are opened and closed. Lead-based paint on impact surfaces like floors, furniture, and toys can also chip or create lead dust. And lead-based paint can get into soil, particularly around the perimeter of the house. An inspection is needed to determine if there is a lead-based paint hazard in a home. The Lead Safe Homes Program will provide free inspections, based on qualification criteria, of homes and home-based daycares to identify lead-based paint hazards.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately three-quarters of the nation’s housing built before 1978 contains some lead-based paint. This paint, if properly managed and maintained, poses little risk. If allowed to deteriorate, lead from paint can threaten the health of occupants, especially children under six years old. If families and building owners are aware of the presence of lead-based paint and the proper actions to take, most lead-based paint hazards can be managed. The EPA pamphlet "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home" provides important information for families and home owners to help them identify when lead-based paint is likely to be a hazard and how to get their home checked. 

    In cases where the buyer or renter signed a purchase or lease agreement in a language other than English, the rule requires that the disclosure language be provided in the alternate language. "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home"  in English.

    Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home" is also available in:

    To find more information about hiring a lead professional to work in your home, please visit the California Department of Public Health's (CDPH) website at Hire a Lead Professional (ca.gov) 

    Please visit the EPA's Frequently Asked Questions website at https://www.epa.gov/faqs/search/topics/lead-315205

    Facts About Lead Safe Homes Program

    All services are FREE; no cost for tenants, landlords, or homeowners.                                   Our team will address lead-based paint hazards on the inside and outside of your home.
    Immigration or citizenship status will never be asked and information will not be shared with immigration agencies. Any personal information collected will be kept confidential. 
    Languages other than English will be made available throughout the entire process. Licensed and bonded professionals conduct lead paint testing and remediation procedures.

    Your inspector will be available to answer questions.

    Most repairs will take less than a week to complete, and temporary housing assistance will be provided if needed to keep residents safe while the work is done.

    A final inspection will be completed once repairs are done to review the quality of work and ensure repairs were done properly.

    Over time, we will serve different parts of the County. Sign up for program updates!


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