Methamphetamine or Fentanyl Contaminated Property Cleanup Act

​The goal of the Methamphetamine or Fentanyl Contaminated Property Cleanup Act is to protect human health by assuring that identified properties formerly used in illegal methamphetamine or fentanyl manufacturing or storage are properly evaluated and decontaminated, and are fit for reoccupancy.


Methamphetamine or Fentanyl Contaminated Property Cleanup Act
California Health and Safety Code, Chapter 6.9.1

Under the authority of the Santa Clara County Health Officer, HMCD is the implementing agency for oversight of clandestine methamphetamine or fentanyl lab cleanup activities in all areas of Santa Clara County.


This program applies to properties throughout Santa Clara County which have been identified by law enforcement as being used for manufacturing or storing methamphetamine or fentanyl.

General Requirements

  • Property Restrictions:
    • Entry into posted area(s) of the property is prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by HMCD.
    • Anyone completing an unauthorized entry or removal is subject to a civil penalty in an amount of up to $5,000.00.
  • Property Owner Responsibilities:
    • The property owner and any person(s) occupying a property subject to an Order issued pursuant to HSC §25400.22 shall immediately vacate the affected unit.
    • The property owner must hire a methamphetamine or fentanyl laboratory site remediation firm that is an authorized contractor to remediate the contamination caused by the methamphetamine or fentanyl laboratory activity, and must provide proof to HMCD.
    • Until the property owner receives a determination from HMCD that no further action is required to remediate the affected units or site, the following must be complied with:
      • All prospective buyers of the property and tenants that have completed an application to rent an affected unit or other property described on the Order shall be provided with a copy of the Order and must indicate receipt in writing.

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